Primary Skeleton

A conceptualized photograph of a skeleton

This country's leadership is showing an unwillingness to practice goodwill toward all. Those that fall outside society's perceived norms are
being pushed aside and treated as second-class citizens. History has a way of repeating itself.

This composite photograph is a representation of the injustices from the top of the United States government.

Used gender terms and expressions:

  1. Genderfluid
  2. Straight female
  3. LGBTQ
  4. Genderqueer
  5. Cisgender
  6. Heterosexual female
  7. Intersex nonbinary person
  8. Transgender male
  9. Straight male
  10. LGBT
  11. Transgender female
  12. Heterosexual male
  13. Nonbinary genderqueer
  14. Intersex
  15. Nonbinary
  16. Androgynous
  17. Straight
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